• Our Honorees

  • David Karp,
    CEO of Tumblr

    Earlier this year, David Karp used Tumblr, his social media platform, to urge Americans to stand up against the Muslim ban and to sign a petition by MPAC and actor/activist George Takei. Mr. Karp also urged the Tumblr community to contribute to MPAC as a way to defy xenophobia and champion the spirit of diversity.


    Mr. Karp and Tumblr are our close allies in the tech sector. Earlier this year, we partnered to host the film screenings of I Am Not Your Negro and Speed Sisters at their New York City headquarters. We also participated in Tumblr’s “Issue Time” series where we spoke on countering hate. Our session became one of the best performing in the series.

    Benjamin Wittes,
    Editor-in-Chief of Lawfare

    Benjamin Wittes is an author and editor of several books including Detention and Denial: The Case for Candor After Guantanamo (2011) and Law and the Long War: The Future of Justice in the Age of Terror (2008), an Editor-in-Chief of Lawfare, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and co-chair of the Hoover Institution's Working Group on National Security, Technology, and Law.

    He co-founded Lawfare, a blog devoted to the discussion of U.S. national security choices and its relation to American law. Previous to working at Lawfare, Mr. Wittes was an editorial writer for The Washington Post.


    Mr. Wittes uses his platform to publicly oppose scapegoating communities in the name of national security. His contributions ensure that policies are created on the notion that America is a diverse nation and we must be accepting of all communities.

    Stosh Cotler,
    CEO of Bend the Arc

    Stosh Cotler is an educator, trainer, and organizer in social and economic justice movements. She is the CEO of Bend the Arc, a Jewish advocacy organization creating economic opportunity and promoting social justice.


    Bend the Arc has partnered with many Muslim-American organizations to combat negative Islamic rhetoric and fight discrimination. In 2013, Bend the Arc joined MPAC in a day of fasting in support of comprehensive immigration reform. In 2016, we partnered again to launch a joint petition from American Jews and Muslims against Trump's deeply troubling appointment of Stephen Bannon.

    Ms. Cotler established Bend the Arc’s Selah Leadership Program, which has trained hundreds of people in implementing transformative leadership for progressive change. The Jewish Daily Forward featured her as one of the 14 Jewish Women To Watch in 2014 and also in the Forward 50’s list of American Jews who have stimulated a national conversation around social justice.